Have you watched the new Avatar movie?  In the film it's 2154 and Earth is dying.   The military is looking for a new planet to call home and they feel Pandora is IT. The only problem?  People from Earth are ruthless creatures, bound to destroy anything they touch and the people of Pandora will do anything to stop them.  

Sure, it's a piece of fiction, but it's not as far fetched as you think.  I truly feel that James Cameron is using the popularity of this franchise to teach humans on Earth that we better save her, not waste her.  

In honor of April being Earth Month, we're going to celebrate the pollinators and Mother Nature herself!  Here's 5 ways you can easily help save the Earth:

TIP #1:  Ride your Bicycle

To your friend's house, to work, even to the store...ride your bike whenever possible and cut down on carbon emissions from your vehicle (and get exercise!).  

TIP #2:  Air Dry Your Clothes 

Especially if you live somewhere warm, it's easy to hang your clothes out to dry and save on electricity!  

TIP #3:  Buy Second Hand 

When factories make new products, they emit all kinds of yuck into the environment.  Buying second hand reduces the need for new products, plus, it keeps the items out of landfills AND saves you money!!  That's the triple crown winner!!!

TIP #4:  Conserve Water  

Turn off the running water!  When brushing your teeth, washing your hands, watering your garden...conserve water usage.  And switch to a reusable bottle for your water--no more single use plastic water bottles, please!  


TIP #5:  Compost! 

Americans generate 300 million tons of waste a year.  Oy.  Composting reduces the amount of waste in landfills and it creates great fertilizer too!  It's a great project for the kids, so get the whole family involved!