A Wee Bee and Her Lady

by Katy - Bee Missionary July 26, 2019

A Wee Bee and Her Lady

Today is Friday, so a short uplifting blog post feels right.

I always look for a message in a video. This one has so many, it totally warmed my heart.

A "wee wingless bee" and her lady came together by chance and formed a unique and precious bond...

What did I get from this 3:56 minutes long video?

That we should care for those who need us no matter how different they may be...

That an intelligence of the heart is at work even where no common language exists...

That even without wings we can fly on wings of love... 

That both beings know when a sacred bond based on trust is being co-created...

That 'someone' can enter our lives out of the blue and blow our hearts wide open...

That nothing lasts forever, so cherish what you have in this moment.

Now is all we have.



This sweet little wingless bee touched not just this woman's heart. She touched my heart and the hearts of nearly 8 million people who have watched this video.

Perhaps she will touch your heart, too. 

Bee Lady, Fiona Presly, thank you for taking care of Wee Bee and for making this video. You are an awesome Bee Mission Bee Ambassador who reminds us all of what compassion really is.

Save The Bees Please.

Who are you moved to help today? Bee courageous and open your heart. If you have a sweet story to share, please do!

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Katy - Bee Missionary
Katy - Bee Missionary


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