We close out the week with a very sweet story from Scotland.

At the airport in Edinburgh you can buy a dram of golden liquid and adopt a bee at the same time.

Indeed, a sweet partnership sprang up between Webster Honey and Aberfeldy Single Malt Whiskey when they launched this initiative to raise money for local bees.

The whiskey known worldwide as “The Golden Dram” has teamed up with Webster Honey of Kinross to launch the Scottish “Adopt a Bee” initiative. Aberfeldy also has its Global Barrels & Bees program, which is the company’s commitment to relieving the plight of honeybees. Building upon that program, Aberfeldy’s consumers will be able to adopt 12 Webster Honeybees for every bottle purchased at Edinburgh Airport’s World Duty-Free Shop from now until December 31, 2021.

This 2:17-minute video by Aberfeldy Single Malt Scotch Whisky shows the Barrels & Bees program:



Barrels & Bees seeks to highlight the many challenges that pollinators face worldwide, while championing local bee communities. The company is famous for its time-honored techniques that conjure up their rare honeyed notes, which leads the Highland dram to enjoy a unique connection between whisky and honey, a natural resource.

Webster Honey was established in 2015 by Daniel Webster and his partner Emily Kate McDonnell, with just five hives. In such a short time, it has grown to become one of Scotland’s premier sustainable Scottish Honey brands and sells its range of organic honey online. They also conduct educational programs with nurseries and schools, run beekeeping courses, and engage with many individuals and businesses through the bee adoption process.

Tori Arrighi, Brand Manager of Dark Spirits at BACARDI, stated that the company is delighted to be partnered with Webster Honey as the Scottish representative in their Barrels and Bees initiative. The Aberfeldy Barrels & Bees platform educates people about the plight of bees, and they are proud to keep driving awareness for bees and do their part to support their population in partnership with Webster Honey. They also advocate provenance and using quality ingredients.

She also hopes customers will feel good knowing they are helping to conserve bees when they purchase a bottle of Aberfeldy at Edinburgh Airport’s World Duty Free Shop.

As Managing Director of Webster Honey, Daniel Webster says they are thrilled to have been chosen by a global brand, and one of the country’s finest Malts, Aberfeldy, to be the Scottish representative for such a worthy initiative.

Webster Honey already has an adopt-a-bee program on their website, starting at £4, whereby people and businesses can easily support and engage with an industry that is under constant threats of one sort or another.

Good summer weather and a mild autumn has allowed Webster Honey to have a very successful honey crop this season, and they have plenty of honey to sell on their website now.

Webster Honey farms out some hives to hosts such as hotels, where the business has the option to buy the honey and use it at breakfast for hotel guests.

Webster Honey has resumed its nurseries and schools’ educational programs, and they are teaching children in age-appropriate ways about how vital bees are to the eco-system. Schools can also host hives for a year, and Webster Honey’s beekeeper Meik Molitor checks the hives periodically and runs classes with the children.

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