On a lighter and much brighter note today, here are some videos that give us a chance to admire the magnificence of orchid bees with their vivid, iridescent, and radiant colors. 

They are also alchemists that know how to blend special aromas to create their irresistible and unique signature scents that will impress and mesmerize the lady bees they wish to make their mates.

First up is a short 2:16-minute video snippet posted by Count_22323, and narrated by David Attenborough, showing some of the most beautiful bees you will ever see.



The intelligence of these orchids is a huge factor in this video. They know how to trick the bee so he falls into a chamber he can only get out of in one way. In doing so, because it is slippery, the orchid can glue pollen sacs to his back. In exchange for his one-of-a-kind perfume, he will carry those pollen sacs to another plant and help the orchid to keep its species alive. What a beautiful win-win situation for both the bee and the orchid and it demonstrates how cooperation helps both parties have a better outcome.

This next 0:33-minute video by ArtAventures shows many vivid orchid bees in the Costa Rica Rainforest. These beautiful iridescent bees were attracted to a concentrated eucalyptus oil applied to a wad of cotton. These bees seem to really love this oil, and they buzz so loud!



In the next short 1:23-minute video by David Weiller we see some stunning up close and rare footage of an iridescent green male orchid bee (Euglossa sp.) in flight and enjoying nectar while he is collecting fragrance from a flower (Gloxiniopsis racemose) so he can make his signature scent to attract females.  



As David Weiller explains, male orchid bees collect perfume with special brushes on their forelegs. The orchid bee then transfers the esters in flight by rubbing these brushes against combs on the middle legs and finally transferring the volatile chemicals into sponge-like slits on the uniquely swollen hind legs where they are stored and locked in by waxy hairs which block the opening of the cavity. At a later time, the mix of fragrances from various flowers and orchids is released by male orchid bees at mating sites. 

Last but not least we share this 1:20-minute video called Perfume Collectors by AskaBiologist that shows some wild orchid bees on Barro Colorado Island, Panama. These male bees are collecting scents from a paper towel in the forest.



If you are awed by the bees in these short videos we encourage you to go to each one on YouTube and like the video and maybe subscribe or leave a comment for those who post them for the enjoyment of us all. 

This blog post is a reminder that bees come in many sizes, shapes and colors, and live in many different environments where they interact with the local flora and fauna in unique ways.

These exotic and exquisite tropical bees are a true treasure and as beautiful as any work of art.