On Wednesdays we like to share popular recipes or craft ideas that are easy to make by highlighting a culinary or craft artist that has something unique to teach us. Today we shift gears away from recipes to bring you two bee-themed craft ideas. 

Bee Honeycomb Resin Coaster

Mona at CraftKlatch shows us in this short 2:59-minute video how to make cute bee-themed coasters. She has all the bees pointing towards the center and it looks like they are feasting in a pool of honey.



Here is the list of what you will need for the Bee Honeycomb Resin Coaster project according to Mona's Youtube list:

Silicone mat (1 per coaster)

Pigment powders


Transparency film (laser)

Transparency film (inkjet)

Resin (any brand you like)

Easy Cast

Art Resin

Clear Cast

FX Epoxy

Once you have these items, just watch the video and follow along. You can make these bee-utiful bee-themed coasters for your home and garden in pairs or sets of 4 if you have enough workspace. They make fun gifts for bee lovers at holiday time.


Honey Bee Pen Holder

This easy craft project can be done with kids or you can make these as gifts for visiting grandchildren. Recycling used plastic bottles also teaches kids to be environmentally conscious while being creative. This theme is presented by Sew Elegance DIY in a 5:55-minute video.



Here is the list of materials you will need for the Pen Holder project:

Empty Plastic Bottle with Cap

Craft Papers/ Chart Papers- Black and Yellow

Paper Cutter




Black Marker Pen

Red Pencil Color

Just watch the video and follow along once you’ve collected these items. You don’t need any creative skills to pull this off like a pro.

If you enjoy these craft ideas, check out the Youtube pages of the artists if you have time. If you need to order any of the supplies, the artists may have links in the drop down section below their videos, and this can help to support them. You can also leave them a like or subscribe to their channel if you like their ideas.

Have fun and BEE creative!