Central Texas beekeeper to star in new show on Discovery

Walter Schumacher is a Central Texas beekeeper. He is the star in Bee Czar which is an upcoming reality show, where he will rescue beehives.

There are many things in play in this show. Post pandemic business rebuilding, as well as working with one of the most misunderstood insects on the planet. 

Many people still fear bees, yet they are responsible for pollinating one of every three bites of food that people eat. It is time to make peace with bees, respect them, and get over our collective fear of them. A show like this can help reshape the way we perceive them.

Schumacher has been at this for quite a long time. The video we posted below was made eight years ago, and he was saving bees even then.

Walter Schumacher will rescue beehives from places they are unwanted and relocate the pollinators to places where they are safe, can thrive and live in peace.

As the star of Bee Czar on the Discovery TV channel, he rescues beehives without wearing a protective bee suit.

Pre-pandemic, Shumacher had a thriving business. He has been rescuing bees for a very long time. Then along came COVID and it shook the foundations of his business, like it did for so many others.

In this unrelated 2:24-minute video by Jonathan Mayberry we can see that Walter Schumacher was already working with bee rescues back in October 30, 2013.  



As he rebuilds his business from the ground up, he hopes to get to a place where the day will come when he can rescue unwanted hives just for donations.

This new series has a family slant. Walter’s goal is to transform the family farm into the new business headquarters. A small team will help him do so, including his son, Will.

Discovery’s Bee Czar will follow Schumacher’s progress and show how it goes as he restarts his business. He will also train new beekeepers, including his two younger sons. Will’s focus will be more business-oriented, as he works to secure contracts to sell their honey to other businesses.

Bees are greatly valued in Central Texas, and many beekeepers live in the area. The city of Austin is especially known for its bee consciousness and respect for bees.

A show like this can go a long way toward educating the public about bees. Many people fear that bees will sting them, so this series can take the potential "sting" out of dealing with bees in the minds of many people. 

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy watching, take note that Bee Czar premiers this Wednesday, March 9, 2022, at 9pm on Discovery channel (check for your time zone).

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