It's Friday again, and that means here at Bee Mission we are encouraging you to take it easy with a few entertaining and inspirational videos about bees.

The image above of several snow-laden hives reminds us that many bees are huddled together in a frigid snowy climate around the world at this time of the year, eking out their supply of honey.

Our first film offerings this Friday are a short and a long version video of the same magnificent woman who dances with 10,000+ bees on her body and helps people to heal... some people call her Queen Bee.

Here is the short version 2:56 minute video filmed by National Geographic:

If you found this video mesmerizing, you may enjoy the longer version video at just 12:10 minutes long:

Shifting gears, our next video offering for this weekend is a short 1:09 minute long National Geographic time-lapse video that shows bees hatching before your very eyes:

There is something amazing about this time-lapse viewpoint, where we can see the various stages of a bee's development at warp speed.

And last but not least, is a beautiful and very clear 2:53 minute long video from the University of Minnesota that helps us to know what the secret weapon is that could help us all to SAVE THE BEES:

After all, saving the bees is our main aim on this blog.

We hope you enjoy our video selection for this weekend.

And for those of you who celebrate Christmas, this is the last shopping weekend before Christmas. Many people are stressed out about gifts, package arrivals, lost packages, will people like the gifts you bought them and what are we going to EAT on Christmas day...

Please take a few deep breaths and remember to cherish the things that are really important on Christmas day. Yes, all the above is important to a degree. But there is also so much more... 

Happy weekend from all of us here at Bee Mission!