On Fridays here at Bee Mission we try to keep the atmosphere light and relaxing, but always informative.

On this first Friday of 2020 we’re sharing a few fun and educational videos to entertain you.


Honey Bees Make Honey … and Bread? – 4:10-minutes long.

This is such a sweet and informative video, and our star-of-the-show worker bee is totally adorable!

Did you know a worker bee can get as many as 160,000 pollen grains into each ball she carries in her pollen baskets? She carries up to 1/3 of her weight when she is loaded down and ready to return to the hive after a successful foraging trip.

Back at the hive, "bee bakers" use the pollen to make bee bread, which is their source of protein. Their recipe is easy. Mix pollen with nectar or honey in an empty cell in the hive. Bon appetit!


How Do Bees Make Honey? – 5:53-minutes long.

The fourth-generation honey-making family at Dickey Bee Honey takes this young family on a tour of their honey business. They teach two young girls dressed up like little bee princesses about the wonderful things bees do for us, touching on beeswax, bee pollen, honey and propolis…


Bees Are Going Extinct … But Not the Ones You Think – 6:53-minutes long.

The western honeybee is dealing with CCD or Colony Collapse Disorder, where tens of thousands of bees just abandon their hive and fly away. What would happen to the almond industry in California without these master pollinators?

Wild pollinators like native bees are in dire straits as they face habitat loss on a broad scale.

Don’t forget to spend some time in your garden this weekend to see what you can do to help bees survive the winter, or the summer if you are in the southern hemisphere.

Setting up a bee bath, making a list of a variety of nectar and pollen-producing heirloom seeds for bee-friendly flowers this coming spring… doing something for native bees, like leaving a little natural debris on the ground in your garden for them to snuggle into...

And for your own contentment, think about a wind chimes if you don't already have one.

Prepare your garden so it enchants you as well as a multitude of bees this coming season.

Happy weekend!