It’s Bee Happy Friday here at Bee Mission again, so we are going to share a few short videos with you that you will enjoy.

The first video this Friday is 3:47-minutes long and is a stunning insight inside a bee colony. The photographers have provided high quality fantastic footage, so please enjoy this:



In this second 4:23-minute long video you will see how honeybees attack a fishing spider that starts to wander across the top of their beehive.



Video three this week is a 3:39-minute long video that is a follow-up to the video you just watched about a colony of bees attacking the giant fishing spider. The beekeeper found that the bees had killed the spider and thrown him off their hive. Wait until you see what the beekeeper found when he returned to the property a week later to check the beehive that attacked the spider the week before.



That's it for this Friday. All of us here at Bee Mission wish you a Bee Happy Weekend!