As one year ends and another begins,

Let’s check both our losses and our wins.

From maitake mushroom breakthroughs that raised our hopes,

To rusty-patched bumble bees’ sad making of ghosts.

From random acts of cruelty that triggered our tears,

Giant hornets and varroa destructor mites sparked our fears.

To noble acts of kindness that gave us new hope,

Banning pesticides pulled bees back from a slippery slope.

Speaking for bees is our purpose and passion,

We share their news in a straight-forward fashion.

At the end of it all what can we hope to gain,

If we leave it to governments our bees to sustain?

The sad fact is that our treasured bees,

Are seen by many as commodities.

For those without a bee-heart do not see,

Even if a robot bee saves the billion-dollar industry.

Our gain is for naught if we’ve lost the bee.

An ancient and sacred gift to humanity.

Bees enrich our world in wondrous ways,

Provide fresh foods all 365 days.

So as you make your resolutions,

Elect to create new bee-friendly solutions.

Build a bee bath and plant heirloom seeds,

Let your grass generate nutritious weeds.

Invite bees in as you fall ever deeper,

Into the heart-centered life of a bee-lover and keeper.

As we embrace this new year twenty-twenty,

May we help the bees enjoy lives of plenty!


Happy New Year from Bee Mission! Please BEE there for bees in 2020!

Thanks for reading our blog posts and sharing them on social media to help raise awareness.  

BEE GRATITUDE (2:56-minutes long)


The poem BEE HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020! © December 31, 2019 by Bee Mission. All Rights Reserved.