We're sharing just a few topics of interest for leisurely weekend reading. These are stories that are too short for us to write posts about but we’d still like to share the curated links so you can check out stories of interest to you. 

A guy left his comedy career to rescue millions of bees, as reported by The Dodo in this 0:37-minute video that is just days old and is already well on its way to 70,000 views. Mr. Mrs. Bee Rescue, also known as Jeff and Julie, already have 11.5 million subscribers. Check out the short video and follow them on social media if you are so inspired:




Next, we journey to Mexico. She is The Keeper of Sacred Bees. She took on a Giant that many others would be too intimidated to challenge. The native Maya stingless bees known as Melipona beecheii have Leydy Pech to thank for their survival, and hope for the future. These bees are very sacred to the Maya people, and as an agricultural giant encroached more and more into a realm where natural law rules, this brave grandmother stood up to them and eventually won for the bees. We have covered this story before here and this is the latest news.

The next story is about how Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens is working to save bees and has been dubbed nature’s pest control. Watch the video by FOX 19 NOW on their website, regarding how you can help them save their bees by buying a bee house and native plants during their plant sale in April. You can read more about this here.

Our final short story is about yaupon holly, found in places like Atlanta, Georgia. It is particularly good for native bees like mason bees and other solitary bees. They love the little white flowers. Read more here.

Enjoy these early days of spring as all varieties of bees emerge from winter retreats. Have a beautiful weekend!