We've posted two videos about making Bee Cake Pops. The 16-minute long video walks you through the entire process. The other video is super short.

The first video is by Aubree Jo Miller. It gives awesome instructions step by step, but no recipe is included. It is easy to follow, just gather the ingredients and bake a cake to your liking. This is an easy project, even if you’ve never made cake pops before. You'll need a cake pop holder stand, which you can buy anywhere baking utensils are sold, and cake pop sticks.

These pops are super cute, and they will appeal to kids of any age from 0 to 100! NOTE: We did not focus on the beehive-shaped cake pops, so we skipped over that part of the video to keep this easy.

GOAL: Round White Cake Pops with Buzzing Candy Bees and Round Yellow Cake Pop Bees

It's a good idea to watch Aubree's 16-minute video before you start:

Have your cake pop sticks ready, inserted in the cake pop holder display.

Use your favorite cake recipe to make a cake of your choice in a sheet pan; she uses vanilla.

After the cake cools, crumble it up into a large mixing bowl. Add a batch of your favorite frosting to compliment the cake; she used yellow for bees.

Mix them together with your clean hands, it’s a messy job! The texture you want is sticky and quite moist.

Then use melted white candy melts (she uses Wilton) which is like white chocolate. Keep some water on hand in case your hands get too icky-sticky.

Take a scoop of “dough” and roll it into a log, then into a ball the size you want your cake pops to be.

Dip the end of a cake pop stick into the melted white candy melts and roll it a bit to coat, then stick it into the round cake pop you just made to help it stay firmly anchored on the stick.

Position it on the cake pop stand and continue loading up cake pops this way.

Put the cake pops that are on their stand into the freezer for about 20 minutes to set a bit. Then remove them from the freezer and dip each one into a container of melted white candy melts.

Twirl each one around for the excess to drip off, be patient or it will drip down the cake pop stick or ball up at the base of the cake pop

If any pops cracked while in the freezer, dip them a second time, or use a finger or paintbrush to touch up the cracks with melted white candy melts or chocolate.

Stick some small candy bees (by Wilton or make your own) to the cake pops with warm candy melts as the ‘adhesive.’

Only decorate about half the cake pops in white with the little candy bees.

Melt some yellow chocolate cake melts and thin it out with oil if it is too thick (not water). Dip the remaining cake pops, one at a time, into the yellow melted candy melts chocolate the same way you did with the white candy melts. Chill them.

These round yellow candy pops will now be transformed into cute plump bees. Black fondant is used for the black stripes around the bees and to make little dots for eyes. The wings are made of candy melts cut in half.

The Wilton candy decorating pen she bought did not work well, so she did not complete her video, but you really don’t need the rest of it. She showed you how to make ever-so-sweet bee cake pops!

A DIFFERENT APPROACH TO BEE CAKE POPS: for an easy and much shorter insight into making Bee Cake Pops (we don't focus on the dog and cat pops), check out this 1:22-minute video by Nerdachecakes:

She shows a nice trick with cute pink and white striped drinking straws.
Break up cake mix into crumbles and add frosting like in the first video (in this case both are chocolate).
Form mix into ball shapes and stick them on straws. Chill for 20 minutes.
Dip each chilled cake pop into melted yellow candy melt. Rotate slowly for excess to drip off.
Drop the decorative straws over the candy pop sticks.
Slice thin strips of black fondant to make bee stripes.
Add the face details - blush and bee stripes with piping gel or water.
Roll out some thick white fondant and cut the bee wings freehand from it.
Attach the white wings vertically to the round bees with piping gel.

Voila! Just as cute and ultra-delicious!

If you like this sort of project, check out the two cake artists who made these cake pops and see what other amazing creations they have to share.

We hope you've had fun watching how easy it is to create some popular Bee Cake Pops right in your own kitchen. Enjoy!