Beefuture is focused on their objective: to save the bees from extinction.

The company’s philosophy is to practice environmental protection and sustain nature with the aid of companies and their investments in bee colonies. This is done to preserve biological diversity of species for future generations.

So far, Beefuture has set up over 350 bee colonies with more than 320 companies they have partnered with for this purpose. The count last summer revealed 21 million bees are involved.

The latest company to partner with Beefuture in a corporate social responsibility (CSR) relationship for this coming year is Canadian Solar, which is adopting two hives, one in Munich, Germany and the other at Ammersee near Munich.

The company will erect the hives on undeveloped land and will take care of the bees all year round, from set up to winter retreat time. Staff will visit the hives occasionally to monitor progress and taste the sweet honey.

What is corporate social resonsibility? Here is a 3:22-minute video that explains it by Servier International:



According to the people at Canadian Solar, not only will the bees increase pollination in the area but also will have a positive impact on the food supply chain and the environment.

The company sees human destiny as being closely linked to that of the bees. They believe their participation in bee protection is an important component in sustainable management and maintaining nature in a healthy manner.

Canadian Solar is helping to raise the awareness that we should all appreciate bees, because they are indispensable insects that pollinate and keep a balance in nature.

Bee populations have been declining for several years and since they pollinate three-quarters of the plants that produce 90% of the food we eat, this means we depend on bees and other insects for one-third of the food we eat.

The decline of bees is currently considered to be due to a number of factors like disease, pesticides, lack of wild foraging habitats, monocultures and parasites. There is no doubt that bees suffer many challenges just to survive. Their survival is very much linked to ours.

If we wish to enjoy nature’s treasures in the future, now is the time to appreciate bees more and for each of us to do what we can in our own small or large way to improve the life of bees.