A beautiful collaboration is in the works this holiday season between Sioux Honey Association Co-op and Soldiers’ Angels, which aids military families, deployed service members, wounded heroes and veterans from all eras. Deployed service members can look forward to receiving sweet gifts this season.

Rob Buhmann, chair of the Sioux Honey Board, says that Sioux Honey beekeepers value the freedom and safety they enjoy that allows them to pursue the incredible livelihood of being beekeepers, thanks to the US Military. They are supporting Soldiers’ Angels and feel a lot of gratitude towards the troops.

Sioux Honey is sending cases of Sue Bee Honey overseas to the Angel Bakers group, a division of Soldiers’ Angels, so it can be used in baking and preparing treats for the deployed military.

But it doesn’t stop there. The beekeepers also get involved on a personal level, baking treats and sending postcards to deployed service members. They bake such treats as Sue Bee Pumpkin Spice Muffins for the soldiers, and hope the taste reminds them of home. They urge everyone to remember those who are deployed during the holiday season.

Beekeepers are active at various tasks, like pollination one month and doing honey production the next. It’s an ever-changing career, but no matter where they are, they can go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas and be with family. The same cannot be said for the deployed soldiers, who give up their holidays to serve their country.

Consider donating time or money to Soldiers’ Angels around the holidays or becoming a volunteer Angel Baker. Even just sending handwritten holiday cards can warm a heart that is far from home. Another easy way to show support is to buy some Sue Bee honey since a portion of the sales goes to Soldiers’ Angels through the end of 2019.