Lisa, a fellow Bee Buddy of Bee Mission, recently wrote to me asking for information on starting a beekeeping program for inmates.  She lives close to a prison and wants to share her passion of beekeeping with the community to help give them a new skill.  

So I started researching and reaching out to some bee experts I know.  Beekeeping programs in prisons exist in Washington State, Arkansas, Illinois, New York...pretty much from sea to shining sea.  

These programs are on-going at minimum security prisons and teach inmates about sustainability and the environment.  Apprenticeships and certifications give them skills they can take with them and use once beyond the bars.  

I gathered from many articles that the inmates are happy and enthusiastic about the beekeeping program!  One man interviewed said he read every book about beekeeping he could get his hands on.  

But my research has ended there. 

So I'm curious, do you know any people involved in prison beekeeping programs, so I can share their info with Lisa?  And perhaps I can chat with them and keep this conversation going here on the blog!!