Thank goodness it's Friday, and in true TGIF fashion, we've got a late summer weekend ahead of us to enjoy fresh air in our gardens or on our balconies.

If you plan to visit a farmer's market or specialty food store, check out the variety of honey offered in your area and support local beekeepers if you are so inclined. And even if you are just buying coffee, or cucumbers for your salad, or blueberries for your smoothie, feel the gratitude for bees and give them some love because they make all of this and so much more possible for us. Let's never take bees and their toil for granted.



Keeping things lighthearted today, this short video is just under 4 minutes long. It'll make your inner child, child or grandchild smile. The presenter is such a friendly and energetic person, just watching the video is fun. So, let's take a peek at how busy bees truly are... happy weekend! :)