Congratulations to Wendell Estate Honey (WEH), a honey brand from producers in MacNutt, Saskatchewan, Canada.

This Canadian farm brand of gourmet raw honey is the only North American honey company to win platinum at the 2020 London International Honey Awards (LIHA).

Honeys entered into the LIHA go through stringent testing and tasting before the winners are chosen, so this is one of the world’s most prestigious awards to receive.

They are judged in a blind tasting and scored from 0-100 points, by a panel of experts in the field. To be eligible, honeys must pass extensive testing done by an independent accredited laboratory.

Tests such as a pollen spectrum for floral and geographical source of honey, a sugar profile to rule out adulteration, an increasingly common problem, and they must be tested for heat treatment or pasteurization.

Only 4 awards are possible. Bronze through platinum. Only honey that earns a score of 95.5 to 100 receives platinum.

But the story gets more exciting. WEH entered two product samples and won platinum not once but twice for their soft-set white honeys.

This 2:54-minute video shows the amazing WEH people and bees that produce this soft premium organic raw white honey:



The Wendell Estate Organic Honey is sourced from a single family in Northern Saskatchewan and packaged by WEH. Wendell Estate Honey is harvested entirely on Wendell Honey Farm and packaged onsite.  

Wendell Estate Honey is proud to represent top-quality Canadian honey on the global stage for the second time in less than a year, in a field dominated by Mediterranean honeys.

Wendell Estate won a Gold Medal in the 2019 World Beekeeping Award (WBA). The WBA is a prestigious and competitive biennial competition in conjunction with Apimondia, the world beekeeping congress. Only one competitor (if any) is awarded the gold medal in each category. Wendell Estate entered for the first time and won gold in the soft-set category.  

Tim Wendell, owner of WEH, stated, “We are beekeepers first, honey retailers second. In these very challenging times for anyone trying to earn a living beekeeping and producing honey, we take great encouragement from those recognitions of our ongoing dedication to quality and authenticity.”

John Wendell started beekeeping in the 1930s and the Wendell family farm has been producing honey ever since. The Wendell Estate brand was launched in 2011 by Tim and Isabel Wendell so global customers who do not have access to a trusted local apiary can enjoy gourmet raw honey.

The Wendell family is passionate about their honey and they invite us all to enjoy their finest brilliant white, natural, raw honey, direct from their bees to our tables.