Celebrate Earth Day on April 22, and Earth Week in general, with heightened awareness of how precious our planet is and how Mother Earth provides everything we need to survive and thrive.

There will be many Earth celebrations around the globe this week, so try to participate in some way either in local initiatives or by doing something special in your garden.

There are other ways to participate as well, like doing earth healing or gratitude meditations, teaching children to love the earth and her pollinators, engaging in a beach clean-up, or circulating articles that educate others about earth.

Our focus is always on bees. We recognize how they help humanity to survive and honor them as one of the most intelligent and ‘selfless’ species on the planet. Bees work for the common good of all bees in their hives. We encourage you to find ways to BEE kind to the Earth and to bees this week and always.

The population on planet earth is close to 8 billion, so we are called to be more mindful than ever before about the impact we have on our planet, and how she feeds us all. Environmental awareness and ecological stewardship are called for as we enter a time where we must all learn to take responsibility for how we interact with Mother Earth.

Make a difference, and show family, friends, and neighbors how to be conscious earth residents as well. Or let others teach you how to plant a wildflower garden, grow vegetables, raise healthy plants without pesticides, create a pollinator garden with neighbors, or become a beekeeper with just one hive. Earth Week is a perfect time to connect with local community, embrace nature, and learn how to live a sustainable lifestyle.

This 1:05-minute video by EARTHDAYORG is about Earth Day 2022:



If you don’t have a green thumb, you can do other projects that are just as important, and impact your community, like picking up litter, donating a few books about bees or sustainable gardening to the library, do a book swap with others about earth-centered topics, or even volunteer at a local community center or apiary.

Earth Day seems to have been expanding to become Earth Week in recent years. In 2022 we are all being called by a voice within to invest in our planet. Every small change can benefit the environment and bees still need all the help they can get.

Support environmental protection. Educate others about the hazards bees face from from flowers sprayed with toxic pesticides. Encourage people to plant heirloom seeds and to grow plants as naturally as possible. This is for the good of all that need to eat to live. Make the healthiest choices when planting or growing food because you will be eating it, whether it is clean and healthy or laced with toxic pesticides.  

For Earth Day, there are a wide range of earth-friendly activities worldwide on April 22. The Earth Day official website can be used to see what is going on in your area. If you find nothing planned in your area, think about calling your local newspaper, town hall, community center, or beekeeping association to suggest they plan a community activity. If not for this year, then next year. Maybe help them do it!

One day, hopefully not in the far distant future, Earth Day will be everyday, because we just love and honor our planet that much.