Since this is technically Earth Day 2021 weekend, we thought we’d share some innovative technologies from Israel that have us celebrating the future of bees. Some brilliant minds are engaged in creating solutions for the struggles that bees endure everyday just to survive. Along the way, they will help make bees healthier and our world greener and more vibrant.

If you haven’t heard of BeeWise Technologies, no doubt you will soon. Beewise is a start-up company from Israel that has created Beehome. This is a super-sized beehive that can allow 2 million bees to call it home. It can monitor the bees’ health and make sure all is going well for them by using artificial intelligence and precision robotics.

Given the dire predicament so many bees are in globally, they hope that by replacing regular hives with Beehomes, bees will have a healthier future. Since we depend on bees to pollinate 30% of the food we eat, this is good news for us, too.

This 1:30-minute video by BeeWise Technologies gives great insight into what they are doing for bees:



This 2:51-minute video by i24NEWS English takes a look at Israel’s robot-controlled beehive, and the focus of BeeWise which is to keep Queen Bees and colonies alive and well in the twenty-first century.



Last but certainly not least for the weekend, Vertical Field is another innovative and exciting Israeli company.

Check out the 0:58-minute video by Vertical Field, about growing vegetables on-site with Vertical Field.



Vertical Field is an Israeli company that specializes in vertical growing systems. Think of how crop yields are maximized when you go up, not out. Plus, VF says that vertical farming uses 90% less water than standard farming, so that is a huge ecological advantage. Other benefits are that it produces plants like peppermint, kale, and basil quicker than if they were grown in a field, and the plants are resistant to bad weather and pests. This is a great way to grow more food in less horizontal space, and it stands to reason this could be used to create rich pollination stations for bees. Vertical Field looks like a win-win way to grow food for “bee and we” in the twenty-first century.

Happy weekend and thank you for reading our blog!