We haven’t done many, if any, crafting projects on this blog.

Bees are a very beloved and popular crafting focus for many people.

Usually on Wednesdays we post a recipe, but we decided to spotlight a bee paper craft video today for a change of pace.

If you, our reader, show interest in this crafting blog post we will certainly post more of them.

Today’s simple introductory craft project is: how to make a paper bee card or poster. You can make it into either one, depending on what type of paper you decide to put it on.

This 3:08-minute long video shows the easy steps so you can make a happy bee craft card to send someone by mail or give to a bee-loving friend.

This is also ideal to use for an enjoyable homeschooling art project or an after-school activity for kids and adults of any age. It would make a fun senior community class.

If this blog post is well received, we will share more crafting ideas that are easy, low-budget, fun and that have a good chance of turning out well. 

This is a pleasant way to raise awareness about bees with people and brighten their day!

Happy Crafting!  :)