Ahh, American Independence Day, celebrated on the 4th of July, is famous for grilling hot dogs, playing games outdoors and yes of course, those blazing lights in the sky known as fireworks.  KaBoom!  

But do the bees enjoy our celebrations or does the annual event anger them?  As my two young dogs, Chloe and Sunny, bark and howl last night at the loud pops in the dark sky, I wondered if the pollinators feel the effects too.  

First, bees do NOT have ears.  So they must not be able to hear, right?  


They are actually very sensitive to sounds!  They feel vibrations and sound waves so intensely it can throw them off track when flying.  Fireworks, music, even the sounds of cars are enough to disorient them and knock them off track and many times, cause them to be lost.  

Bees are not the only wildlife effected.  Fireworks are known to cause panic and fear with animals, forcing them to leave the nest and abandon their young.  Every year local wildlife organizations report an increase in reports of orphaned fawns and other infant animals.  

The debris that falls to the ground also causes a threat to wildlife and can poison them.  


1.  If you set off fireworks, just make sure you are a great distance from hives and other wildlife.  I attempted to research what a safe distance is but didn't find much on the topic, so let's say at bear minimum 50 feet away.  

2.  Cover bird baths, feeders, etc so falling debris doesn't contaminate the wildlife's watering and feeding supply.  

3.  post-festivities, walk around and pick up the debris.  

I hope you, your friends and family have a fun and safe holiday!