We honor precious Mother Earth today for sustaining life for us… for each sip of water and bite of food.

As we are all collectively conscious of her today, let us send her our love and gratitude.

~Beloved Mother Earth~

Thank you

for the air that fills our lungs and gives us life

for the water that hydrates, purifies, and cleanses us

for the abundant foods that nourish us like honey, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and sea-vegetables

for the natural healing herbs, spices, teas, coffees, and cocoas that uplift body, mind, and spirit

for the trees that shelter us and the flowers that bring us beauty and please our hearts

thank you for your gracious generosity and patience as we learn to love you and to stop harming you

for the solid earth beneath our feet, and the warm sun upon our skin

the gentle breeze to cool us, rain to cleanse us, and fire to warm us

and for all the elements, minerals and building blocks we need for our well being

for the animal and mineral kingdoms, and all that walk, crawl, swim, and fly that co-exist with us

for the winged ones, two-leggeds, four-leggeds and no-leggeds… all creatures that call you their home

we should not have taken you for granted, but in our forgetfulness, we have caused you and your creations harm.

This 3:37-minute video by Swikriti is about our precious planet and Earth Day:



~Beloved Mother Earth~

your essence is in the morning dew… in the hot rocks in the desert heat… in the sun’s reflection on your placid waters

your riches spill into our cups that overflow, and we often forget to thank you for our survival and

for all the precious pollinators, especially the beloved bees with their gifts of honey and community

we have so much to learn from bees... they are part of your essence and such a great gift to us

if we do not save the bees, we cannot save ourselves, so let our voice speak for those without one

we must stop poisoning the land which is your skin, and the plants that feed the bees, which in turn feed us

your bees so perfectly pollinate the future of humanity one flower at a time so we will not starve

so let us become joyful and responsible stewards of the bee, the tree, the sea, and of humanity

thank you, beloved Mother Earth, for your patience, your love, your bountiful blessings we so richly receive

we have been asleep… we have been part of the problem… now we awaken and will be the solution

let us undo what has unconsciously been done and support Mother Earth as she heals and emerges rejuvenated.


This soulful, haunting Song for Mother Earth video (13:23 minutes) by lovely Mei-lan is a beautiful tribute:



Plant a flower or a tree, buy some seeds, learn to grow herbs, set up your first hive in your garden, share this post with others… what positive changes will you initiate today?