Today we must share some discouraging news about bees. Things do not look good for bees in many places.

In Canada, beekeepers face up to 90% bee losses due to parasitic mites. This is a devastating figure. You can read about it here. One beekeeper, André Pilon, lost 62 of his 70 hives in Arnprior. You can read the story here

Support bees in whatever way you can. Bees need human voices because they have no voice. Speak up, team up with a beekeeping association, approach local government, whatever it takes. When bees die the silence is deafening.  

This unrelated 1-minute video by Innisfil Creek Honey is about widespread honeybee deaths across Canada last winter:



Shifting to a more positive theme, in honor of Planet Earth and all bees everywhere, here are some creative companies that are determined to make a difference and raise awareness, each in their own way.

Honeybee Burger is a restaurant that serves up plant-based vegan burgers in Los Angeles, California. To honor Earth Day this year, they are opening a new ‘hive’ or location at Venice on Earth Day. You can read more here.

They will also be serving MeliBio, which is the first bee-free honey. How is it made? MeliBio says it uses synthetic biology, precision fermentation and plant science to create molecularly identical honey. Some people say it tastes the same as real honey. How do bee lovers feel about honey that is not made by bees? We'll stick with the real thing, thank you. 

Bee Better Have My Honey is a special limited-edition ale that contains local honey to celebrate Earth Day. Two Madison companies teamed up to create this beer, Hop Haus Brewing Co. and Honeybee Cannabis Co. They are donating a portion of sales to earth-centered local causes. You can read the story here.

Hilton Hotels are ‘buzzing’ with bees in their new sustainability effort just in time for Earth Day. This luxury hotel chain is focused on the new guests at their global properties, 1 million bees. These bees pollinate resort gardens and provide honey, as well as placing Hilton firmly at the top of the expanding global category of responsible travel and tourism.

So far, some of Hilton's ‘sweetest’ properties that are abuzz with bees can be found in places like New York City, San Diego, Park City and Salt Lake City in Utah, in the USA, Brisbane in Australia, London, England, Sophia in Bulgaria, Geneva in Switzerland, and Vienna, Austria. Read about this initiative and see some of the stunning hotels here

There are countless companies and bee lovers everywhere that are doing amazing things to help save the bees and heal the earth. Thank you all, may you be the inspiration for others to earn their prosperity in earth-friendly ways.