Can you believe it’s Friday again already? Time is flying faster than buzzing bees whizzing by on their way to a lavender field.

We’ve gathered and curated a few interesting bee-related news themes here so we can wrap this week up on a lighter note.

London bars are finding a twist of humor in these strange times by using beekeeping suits and mannequins as a way to lighten the atmosphere and drive home social-distancing solutions to patrons. 

This 3:24-minute video helps you know what the Asian giant hornet looks like:



Please stop killing sweet bumblebees: they are not Asian giant hornets and you do more harm than good when you kill any bees. Instead of over-reacting due to the sensationalist term 'murder hornet,' educate yourself on what these big orange-faced hornets actually look like.

Recycling old genes to get new traits: How social behavior evolves in bees over time.

How a website could stop billions of bees from dying and draw public attention to pesticide-related bee deaths.

This short 3:00-minute video demonstrates how to plant wildflowers:



The new Lawn to Wildflowers app from the University of Central Florida's College of Sciences aims to help make more homes for bees and other pollinators to help grow their numbers so they have better surroundings.

Here’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons and you can learn how to catch a honeybee. There are many insects in this game and the honeybee is one of the smallest. It won’t sting your character, and only appears at certain times of the day.

Have you planted that small herb garden yet in a window box or set out some fresh water with rocks in it for bees to stand on? This weekend is the perfect time to bring home a nectar-rich flowering plant for yourself and your garden bees to enjoy. 

We wish you a peaceful weekend of well being. Spend some time in nature if you can, and see if you can spot a bee or two!