Another Friday has rolled around and this week we thought we’d revisit our Bee Happy Friday Video theme since people have more time to watch them these days, and these three will delight you in different ways.

This stunning National Geographic video is only 4:24 minutes long and is a wondrous presentation where you can journey through a blooming garden as the flowers come to life and dance to silent harmonies. This breathtaking time lapse sequence was compiled of multiple video segments.



Next up is The Buzzing Joy of Backyard Beekeeping, a TEDx (Albuquerque) Ted Talk with Jessie Brown. A little longer at 9:40 minutes, the journey she takes us on is how her love affair with honeybees began and how she became a backyard beekeeper. She learned to see through the eyes of a bee, and this led her to change her garden and her world to accommodate the precious bees. The tragic loss of her first hive taught her about the landscape we create and what is lacking that keeps nature from thriving. She transformed from a solitary beekeeper into a powerhouse of information about the environment that bees need, providing water and flowering plants and using pesticides and herbicides cautiously. This way we take care of our honeybees, our food chain and ourselves. This is Brown’s passion and has become her vision and her work. She is President of the New Mexico Beekeepers Association and is on the Board of Directors of the American Beekeeping Federation and Western Apicultural Society. 



Last but by no means least for this Friday is a TEDx (Perth) presentation by Dr. Mat Welsh from Perth, Australia. His 15:08-minute long presentation is called Life Inside the Beehive and reminds us that we know little about bees even though they are essential to our survival. When we see a bee, do we fear a sting or recognize a friend who helps feed us? Dr. Welsh takes us inside the beehive to see what life is like for the honeybee. His presentation includes stunning imagery from the “More Than Honey” documentary. Dr Mat Welch is a research fellow at the Centre for Integrative Bee Research (CIBER) at UWA, and he researches honeybee genetics, reproduction and immunity. He gives insight into the fascinating world of honeybee society where no one gives orders, yet everyone obeys. Click on the link to find out more about the film More Than Honey.


BEE safe and enjoy the fresh air and the blessings of nature this spring weekend, wherever in the world you are. The warmth of the bright sunlight feels good on the skin.

Try to catch up on our blog posts if you missed any this week, we shared some splendid ideas for creating your bee garden.