It's Friday again so we're rounding out the week with some educational entertainment in the form of short videos.

We always aim to teach you something new about bees. Sometimes the videos are serious and other times just plain funny.

In our first video you'll see some amazing footage from 2013 of the wild bees of Cambodia. This video is 3:20-minutes long and shows a wild hive Cambodian-style, also called Rafter Beekeeping.



This next video is only 5:24-minutes long from 2011 and is really useful rather than funny. It was made in Newfoundland, Canada and shows how to harvest honey—cut and bottle it—from a foundationless frame.



Meet Herman Danenhower of Danenhower Apiaries, as he showcases a unique process he calls Herman’s honeycomb. This video runs about 3:33-minutes long.



And sometimes things aren’t good or positive, but we need to know about this as well. We blogged this week about the bushfires in Australia, so here is a 2:19-minute long video showing some devastation of Australian bees. Victoria’s bee population is hit by the state’s bushfire disaster as reported by ABC (Australian Public Broadcasting Service).


Let’s all be thankful and keep up the good work as each of us does something to take care of bees in our own way. Whether the bees are in our own backyard or half way around the world doesn't matter. We need every one of them.

Happy Weekend!