Friday Bee Videos January 31, 2020 - Bee Mission

Friday Bee Videos January 31, 2020

by Katy - Bee Missionary January 31, 2020

Friday Bee Videos January 31, 2020

Today we’re wrapping up one-twelfth of 2020. One whole month has flown by… as you take a Friday breather, here are a few short and interesting bee-related videos to help get you into weekend mood.

NATURE – SILENCE OF THE BEES – Inside the Hive. This video is only 2:41-minutes long and was made 12 years ago by PBS (Public Broadcasting Service). It is as relevant as if it was made a few months ago and explores some of the keys to honeybee hive life, from the queen bee to drones to waggle dancing…



Next up is a BBC video that was made in 2011 about the code behind the beehive. Why do bees choose to build their honeycomb structure on a hexagon instead of a square or a triangle? Watch this short 3:17-minute video to find out. How does every bee all around the world know to build their honeycomb in a hexagonal shape?



For a little light-hearted and child-friendly entertainment, have you ever seen the Bee Movie (2007)? It is about Barry the Bee, and seems to defy the fact that pollinating and foraging bees are all female worker bees...of course there is other Hollywood type fantasy involved in the movie as well, but it does get the bee theme in front of a young audience. Here is a 2:48-minute movie clip that is called Unacceptable Beehavior Scene.



And to round out our Friday Bee Videos, here is another scene from Bee Movie (2007). This movie clip lasts 3:55-minutes and is called Pollen Power.



As we wrap up January, take a moment to reflect on what you have done for the bees this month… Have you purchased seeds, bought local honey or even just made a few notes on what you want to do when spring arrives? If the month got away from you, it’s not too late yet…

Enjoy a BEE-utiful and Happy Weekend!


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