We don’t often do posts for kids, so today we have something for you to enjoy and share with the young ones in your life.

BEE – Animals for Kids – All Things Animal TV video is 3:05-minutes long by All Things Animal TV. It is intended as a kid’s video but is perfect for people of any age who love bees but don’t know much about them.

This beginner’s “all about bees” video teaches us some basics about our favorite pollinators and it is beautifully filmed.



Then 7 Amazing Bee Facts by DK Books is just 1:41-minutes long and sums up some of what makes bees so special:



Vitamin Bee: “Honey: How It’s Made” is a highly detailed and educational animated video about how honey is made, and it is just 2:53 minutes long by Vitamin Bee TV. It's for kids of any age from 1 to 111 years old.



Last but not least for this week, is a 1:22-minute video by Koppert Biological Systems about what makes bumblebees so special. Their unique contribution to pollination, buzz pollination, is critical to the fertilization of some plants like blueberries and greenhouse tomatoes. What would happen if bumblebees died off and buzz pollination wasn't available?



We can never know enough about bees. If you have young people in your life, please watch these videos with them and chat about bees... honeybees, solitary bees, bumblebees... all things bee, in fact. After all, our youth is the next generation of bee champions.

Happy weekend, and bee safe!