This Friday we’re posting more videos and less words… just enough description so you know what the video is about.

Dave Doroghy, author of Show Me the Honey, is a beekeeper living on a houseboat in Vancouver, Canada. This interview is about Beekeeping on a Houseboat during COVID-19. When asked how important bees are, he said that 90% of our food comes from 100 crops and bees pollinate 71 of those. Here is the 4:29-minute video by Breakfast Television Vancouver.



The next video is very short, but we never grow tired of watching amazing bumblebees hovering and foraging. Using buzz pollination that is unique to bumblebees, they pollinate tomatoes, eggplants and blueberries this way. Here is Slo-Mo Footage of a Bumble Bee Dislodging Pollen – 1:39-minutes long – Smithsonian Channel.



More stunning bee footage awaits in the next video, How Bees Turn Nectar into Honey. Bees are incredible pollinators. They invest a lot of work into turning nectar into honey. They visit hundreds of flowers during each nectar run. Then they use their own bodies to reduce the water content, as you’ll see in this 2:02-minutes long video by Flow Hive.



HONEY – How It Is Made – is 4:54 minutes long by Discovery UK and shows the entire process of getting honey from the beehive into the bottles ready to go to the store. Quite a time-consuming process.



Fantastic School Bus Tiny House Conversion for Family of 3 – Juby, Justin and Azalea – we’ve shared a video of this family before in their Red Pepper bus-house. This is more about how to live the life of a nomad in a bus than it is about Justin’s company, Buddha Bees, but if you prefer to skip ahead he talks about his bee business around 13-minutes into the video. This 16:26-minute video is by Exploring Alternatives



What can you do for bees this weekend? Buying an organic nectar-rich flowering plant in a flower pot... putting some chives, thyme and basil outside in a window box... even just placing a dish of fresh water on a table in your garden for thirsty pollinators will make a difference.

Happy weekend and BEE safe.