Something amazing to behold! Today we are sharing two short videos of an enormous and magnificent beehive that was found in a woman's home in Brisbane, Australia. 

Enjoy this short 0:50 seconds long video.


And in this 3:19 long video you can meet the kind and gentle beekeeper:



The homeowner invited local beekeeper Paul Wood to resolve the situation and do what was best for the honeybees.

The hive was only about 10 months old and was home to 60,000 very busy bees! Wood extracted 50 kilograms or 110 pounds of honey. Then he cautiously vacuumed the bees into a traveling box and took them to live temporarily in his own back yard. He says they will be given to bee enthusiasts around the city of Brisbane.

Look at these glorious honeycombs~what a treasure trove of honey!