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Honey Bee Output to Decrease by 33%

by Bee Site January 05, 2023

Honey Bee Output to Decrease by 33%

It's a sad day in the bee world...Beekeepers have already seen a decrease in honey output over the past 14 years and it's expected to decline an additional 33.5% over the next few decades.  


According to a study published by Scientific Reports, the University of Maryland found that the lifespan of a bee has dramatically dropped, making it more expensive and time consuming to rebuild colonies.  

Their study found that since the 1970's the lifetime of a honey bee decrease by 50%.  

Now their study moves forward, examining how factors such as genetics, pesticides and diseases effect local bee colonies in other countries besides the US.  

We'll keep you posted on new developments and as always, Bee Kind, Bee Happy and Bee Yourself :) 

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