We have been searching for information about bees, beekeeping and Covid-19 for days so we can help you bee informed, but there is very little information available so far about it. 

David Burns started beekeeping in 1994 and is an EAS Certified Master Beekeeper. He and his wife Sheri run Long Lane Honey Bee Farms, which includes a store and training center in Fairmount, Illinois.

His 12:10-minute long video helps shed some light on beekeeping in times of the corona virus COVID-19.

Many of you may be wondering:

Can bees get COVID-19 and infect or kill other bees that are their hive mates?

No. According to bee specialist David Burns, bees cannot get the corona virus because they are arthropods (invertebrates of the large phylum Arthropoda, like insects, spiders or crustaceans).

Bees have enough problems with Varroa destructor mites, including the viruses brought on by them. Varroa mites, not corona virus, will destroy your bees.

David reminds everyone to take precautions but not to panic. Information and knowledge are the best ways to make it through any crisis. Take some beekeeping courses and learn how to eradicate mites to save your hives.  

Many people are now spending unexpected time at home, and some are seeking other sources of income. David suggests using this time to educate yourself about beekeeping and consider becoming a beekeeper. Beekeeping is a firm step toward making yourself more self-sufficient.

Local beekeeping classes around the world are being canceled right now due to the corona virus. David's classes are online as well as in person in Illinois. Check out what David and Sheri have to offer on their website as shown in the video above. In the spirit of goodwill, he is offering 50% off all his online courses for a limited time during this corona virus time frame. The Ultimate Online Beekeeping Course is reasonable, and you’ll know you were trained by an expert.

Take care of your bees. There are a lot of challenges in beekeeping, so you need to educate yourself and be a responsible bee guardian, otherwise you will lose your bees. 

Honey has a long medicinal history going back to ancient times, as well as it being a delightful natural sweetener. Adding some honey to your daily diet is great for almost everyone over the age of one, especially if you have a sweet tooth.

For more information about Corona Virus Covid-19, you can visit the US Center for Disease Control CDC website.

If you think you are ill, always seek medical advice immediately. 

Our sincere wishes that you bee well during these challenging times!