As the winds cool in the northern hemisphere and many leaves change colors, we think of pumpkins, warm spices and mugs of steaming tea as the treasures of the harvest season envelop us. 

Today we have found two amazing autumn cookie decorating videos to share with you. They are different styles, so there is something for everyone.

This first video demonstrates vivid, colorful and professionally decorated Autumn Cookies by Dulcia Bakery in New York.

These are some of the most beautiful autumn cookies ever seen, especially the sprinkle-filled cookies. Dulcia is an amazingly talented cookie decoration artist.

Please note, all you happy bakers out there, this is not a recipe. It is a demo of how to decorate fall cookies.

This ‘how to’ video is 8:15-minutes, by Dulcia Bakery. Find more info about supplies, recipes and more on her blog here.



If you prefer more muted colors, this second presentation will delight you. The 3:07-minute ‘how to’ video below by SweetAmbsCookies is equally as inspiring.

Just like the decorating presentation above, this is also not a recipe. Please check the area below her YouTube video to connect with SweetAmbs and find out what supplies she used or check out her blog here.



How do these cookies tie in with our bee theme?

Many wild bees live in trees, so acorns and leaves of all shapes and sizes honor bees. When leaves change in autumn, it is a reminder that bees are getting ready to hunker down in their nests or hives for the winter and hope to survive on their honey.

Bees pollinate pumpkins and many other vegetables that are found on dinner tables across America and elsewhere at this time of year at special gatherings.

According to The Pennsylvania State University, the most frequent and important pumpkin pollinators in the northeastern United States are honeybees, bumblebees, and squash bees. Sometimes these flowers are visited by solitary bees like carpenter bees - Xylocopa virginica, cuckoo bees - Triepeolus remigatus, longhorned bees - Melissodes bimaculata, and sweat bees - Augochlora pura.

If you enjoyed these two premium quality cookie decorating demonstrations, please consider going to the Dulcia Bakery and the SweetAmbsCookies videos on YouTube, and give each of these gifted ladies a like and subscribe to their lists if you are so inspired. They offer plenty of ways to connect with and follow them. Their websites have tons of info to get you started on the road to cookie decorating delight.

As seasons shift and cooler weather arrives, we wish you a peaceful autumn filled with serenity, quality food of the earth and contentment. We enjoy sharing bee insights with you and thank you for reading our blog posts.