It is rare to be able to literally reach into a swarm of bees and pluck the queen right off the outer edge. This bee removal expert, Yappy Beeman, has done it twice. The video below shows him doing it live, when he arrives to assess a huge swarm of honeybees he needs to remove from a cedar tree. 

The video provides a live, visual demonstration of how honeybees follow the scent of their queen bee.

This 5:21-minute video by Yappy Beeman has captured an amazing swarming event and it has true educational value.



This professional bee remover is very fond of bees. You can hear it in his voice. He operates in Alabama under the name "Alabama Bee Rescue." Once he gathers the bees, he relocates them to remote apiaries so they can thrive and stay alive to make lots of honey.

He is super excited about how this totally unscripted video went. The worker bees are the super stars. No wonder this video has received a whopping 12+ million views in just three months!

The power of a swarm of bees is very evident in this video, and also the dedication to the entire colony to their queen bee.

It is also easy to see why it is important to let bee removal rescue experts handle swarms instead of trying to do it yourself. Yappy is a member of the Alabama Beekeepers Association and has performed more than 500 live bee removals.

If you live in Alabama, take note of this very talented bee removal expert. But no matter where you live, if you discover a swarm or any other invasive problems on your property with honeybees or other pollinators, contact your local Beekeepers Association, or the one closest to you. There are groups of bee lovers just about everywhere.