It's Friday again, and we tend to post something easy and light on a Friday for your enjoyment. You may remember we blogged about the unusual relationship between bees and orchids back in August. If you missed that blog post, you can catch up on Bee and Orchid Mimicry here.

Our first video today is a short 2:16 minute long clip from The Complete Circle for Bees and Orchids Netflix-Our World with David Attenborough. In this stunning videography you'll see some of the most magnificent iridescent bees you've ever set eyes on. They hang-glide around the rain forest like otherworldly fairy-bees, hanging out with crafty orchids that know how to utilize the bee for their survival. It all looks like a brilliant game, and of course it is. The bee and the orchid make use of each other to satisfy their needs and desires. If you haven't already seen this on Netflix this preview may whet your appetite.



And then for those of you who love exotic iridescent bees, and are longing for more, here is a 4:01 minute long Nat Geo Wild video of the Life of the Green Orchid Bee by Nick Turturro, Lindsey Cathcart and Lindsey Airth. Yes, we're sticking with the orchid and bee theme today, and this green orchid bee is as flamboyant as any bee could ever wish to bee. Just another reminder of the glory of the natural world.



Looking ahead to next week... as the northern hemisphere turns to autumn and winter, while the southern hemisphere turns to spring and summer, let's ponder a few ways to help our beloved bee friends to survive and thrive in the changing weather of the coming seasons. Let's try to make their lives a bit easier.

Have an awesome weekend, wherever you are in the world, and bee happy!  :)