We are now in the height of bee season, so many hives are swarming.

It’s always good to see some video footage of what this looks like so if you run into it in person you will not be alarmed and you will know the best steps to take.

These videos show some brave beekeepers that step in to capture and remove swarming bees that scare people before the exterminator is called.

In this 3:47-minute video by Donald Porta, he shows how he managed to capture a bee swarm in 27 seconds.



This 3:32-minute video by Travel Time shows a bee swarm of 30,000 bees resting comfortably on a tree limb in a front yard. How do they handle it? Check out their video:



And last but by no means least, if you have 13:23-minutes to watch this great video by Frederick Dunn, you will see how he recommends that you can stop honeybees from swarming by creating rain and expanding the hive.



Please always remember to be kind to bees. Respect them and keep your distance.

Don’t try to copy what experienced beekeepers do if you suddenly come across a swarm. Instead, reach out to your local beekeeper’s association, a veterinarian or farmer to find out who is safely collecting swarms in your area and contact them. This way the bees live to see another day.