Jamaican bees are beautiful, and their survival is crucial. That is the title of an amazing blog post written by Emma Lewis about the diversity of bee species that can be found in Jamaica.

She reports that the country has 69 different types of bees, honey-makers, and pollinators.

In the past, Jamaica had a long tradition with beekeeping. Now, perhaps because of this heritage with bees and also due to the current environmental threats to the survival of many types of bees, Jamaican beekeeping is experiencing a rebirth.

This unrelated 4:07-minute video by Television Jamaica showcases some local bee farmers that supply honey locally.



Beekeeping has been catching on in Jamaica in recent years as the beneficial attributes of honey become known to the wider population. As in many other parts of the world, women are finding empowerment through beekeeping here. 

More and more Jamaican people are realizing how crucial bees are to their environment and for humanity’s survival.  

Ms. Lewis has posted several vivid photos of stunning bees from different Jamaican species in her article. It is well worth scrolling through her blog post to view all the bee beauties. You can do so by clicking here.