On Wednesdays we usually post a recipe or an easy craft idea.

Today we have two fun things to share...

Lockdown Worker Bee

One of our very own busy Bee Mission worker bees received a very personal gift from her 6-year old son, Liam, who has been out of school for over a month and is still on lockdown in Manilla in the Philippines.  

Hint: the beautiful image at the top of this blog post is the new emoji he created of his Mom because her job is working in a virtual beehive to save the bees. Awesome job, Liam!

Here’s the story: Liam’s Dad loves online games, so now he and Liam can play more together since they are both at home these days. Last week they downloaded the game Animal Crossing where you create a character and build your own island. Liam is always curious about his Mom’s work and asks her all about bees. He showed her the cool characters he created in the game, so she asked him playfully to make a character wearing a bee shirt or dress. A little later he showed her the character we featured above and said, “That’s you, Mom!”

What’s Liam’s lockdown message to everyone around the world? “It’s boring right now but we need to stay away from the virus. I miss going out, I miss my classmates, but Animal Crossing is a fun game!”



Easy Bee Maker Paper Craft

Our second share today is an easy Honeybee Paper Craft that you can put together literally in minutes.

It doesn’t even need any written instructions. Just watch the 2-minute video and you will see which supplies you need to get and how to put them together. Cheap, fast, fun for all ages. Make a bunch and hang them from the ceiling or use them as bookmarks or give them as little handmade gifts that nudge people to think about bees.

Bees have two sets of wings. The lower set is smaller than the upper wings. In this video all 4 wings look the same size, so you may want to rectify this if it bothers you when you make your paper bees.

This is just another fun way to bring bees into your conversation and raise awareness.

Do you have young people at home everyday during lockdown? If so, how are they passing the time? Maybe they’d like to try this week’s honeybee maker paper craft and make some honeybees.

Or play Animal Crossing like Liam! :)