You've probably heard the saying, "Earth Day is every day to a farmer."  Well, we're starting our own, saying"  "Every week is Green Week!"  

National Green Week is a free program for schools and youth groups providing interactive lessons on sustainability by the Green Education Foundation.  Over 10,000 schools and 5 million students have participated!  

The program is taught over five days and includes lessons, activities, contests (hello prizes!!) and more.  And hey, did I mention it's FREE for schools, classrooms and youth groups?!?!?!

The lessons consist of green energy, waste reduction challenge, green thumb challenge, sustainable water challenge, green living and green building.  

As the leader, you choose your week between now and the end of April.  You must register your group with the Green Education Foundation (again, it's FREE!) and then submit your project at the completion of your week to be entered for prizes including $250 for your group!  


As stewards of this planet, we want to help spread the word of sustainability and how easy it really is to go green.  What's good for the planet is good for the bees and you and me.  Your purchases at help support our mission to save the bees through education, content and support by us and many organizations.  Without you, none of this will be possible.  Thank you, and let's all celebrate Green Week every week!