Do What You Can to Save the Bees
Plant Nectar Producing Flowers and Trees
Educate Others on the Value of the Bee to Humanity
Reduce Bee Exposure to Deadly Toxic Pesticides
Bee-come a Hobby Beekeeper, Go Get a Hive
And Watch Your Life Begin to Thrive
This 5:38-minute video by It's Okay to Be Smart asks the amazing question:
Which came first, flowers or bees?



As humanity puts 2021 behind us

And hopes that 2022 will be a better year

For all creatures on Planet Earth

We wish to honor the insect we all love so much

And that has been the star of this blog for three years




Honeybee, bumblebee, carpenter bee, mason bee

Wild bee, solitary bee, native bee, domesticated bee

Giant bee, tiny bee, fuzzy bee, metallic bee

Stingless bee, stinger bee, aggressive bee, docile bee

Queen bee, Worker bee, Drone bee

Rainforest bee, desert bee, northern bee, southern bee


To all BEES our deepest gratitude and love


Thank you for your selfless service to each other

And for the natural food you pollinate that ends up on our plate

For your honey, bees wax, royal jelly, propolis, venom, pollen

And for teaching us so much about Unity Consciousness and what it means to be One

Special thanks to our customers, readers, Mother Earth, and most especially, to all BEEs everywhere.


Happy New Year!

Bee Mission