It's no secret the bee population is in decline, and that threatens our food supply.  One out of every three bites you eat needs a bee to make that food.   Saving the bees isn't just a passion, it's life-or-death for humans and animals.  

And it's January...the coldest month of the year for the northern hemisphere.  There are certainly no flowers blooming right now!!  So what can we do while the Queen Bee catches up on her beauty sleep and prepares for spring?  

Host a Seed Swap Day!  

Seed Swap Day, a national event in the US intended to be the last Saturday of every January.  The day was founded in 2006 by Kathy Jentz, the editor of Washington Gardener Magazine.  But it's roots go back hundreds of years to when European colonizers met once a year to exchange seeds they brought with them from Europe and beyond.  

It's a beautiful reminder that nature is our ultimate currency.  

Every gardener, no matter his or her level, has extra seeds they didn't plant.  And since now is the time to start planning our spring and summer gardens, what better time to get some new varieties!

Here's Three Ways You can get Involved:

  • Find a seed swap or exchange you can participate in.  Conduct a Google search using the term, "seed swap near me" or contact your local gardeners association.  I found several near me!  
  • Use an online service, such as SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE  
  • Feeling social?  Create your own seed swap!

Does the last one sound intriguing?  I think so, too!  So here's how to set up your very own seed swap on the fly:  

  • Find a common area you can host the swap, say, your local library, a church, or maybe your housing community has a club house!  
  • Invite your friends, family & neighbors.  A great way to get the word out is Facebook as well as an app called Next Door-- this free app connects you with people who live within a certain mile radius of you and keeps you informed of community events and news.  It's free to join and post an event.  
  • Explain to bring seeds bagged and labeled for easy identification.  
  • Display the seeds and swap away!  

What a great way to meet other gardeners, share tips, stories and just connect. 

Happy swapping!