We’re changing up our Friday posting with an “around the world” curation of recent bee-related articles. Just click on any links that interest you to read the article.

Our planet is like a big hive, packed with humans that are like worker bees, queens and drones. Honeybees unite for the sake of the hive, and for their own survival. They are selfless in service to the one, which is their hive and all its inhabitants. 

Here are five recent stories from around the globe to entertain you this weekend.   

The Pollinators Docudrama Available as Video-On-Demand starting June 16, 2020

We showcased this movie when it debuted at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival last year. This year and a half long journey by beekeeper and filmmaker Peter Nelson takes us to 14 states in the USA during pollination seasons. Using 85 days of filmed footage, he follows truckloads of migratory beekeepers and their honeybees to share their story as they pollinate the flowers of nuts, fruits and vegetables that we humans eat. There is much focus on the challenges encountered in, and potential solutions to, a chemically dependent agricultural system. For more info check The Pollinators official website. 

British Beekeepers Attempt to Stop Invasion By Deadly Asian Giant Hornet

Now that there have been Asian Giant Hornet sightings in Britain, experts are fighting back. They are becoming proactive to stop the advance of these ruthless hornets that decapitate and eat honeybees, before they establish a strong presence in the UK like they did in France. Ground zero is the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands, where experts are determined to eradicate these pests. 


In this 2:23-minutes long video you can meet Albanian beekeepers and bees.

A Golden Year for Bees in Albania Due to Lockdown

Wooden beehives line the green base of Morava Mountain in southeast Albania. A 68-year old beekeeper tends to his hives. The Coronavirus Covid-19 shutdown of industries, factories and farms as well as the human lockdown has silenced the land and allowed nature to revitalize. It looks like there will be an unparalleled honey harvest thanks to the respite from pesticides and pollution. Albania’s bees are busy, and farmers are excited. 

Meet a Young Beekeeper from Sicily as She Discusses Pesticides, Bee Life and Types of Honey

The bees that share this beautiful land with Claudia Cavaliere, at her family’s small farm, are lucky indeed. She is part of the Sicilian Black Bee Presidia. In this interesting story, she talks about how different types of honey depend on different flower pollen, how her family is all for natural cycles, and much more. 

Tanzania Exports Honey from Three Top Regions to Over 20 Countries Worldwide

Tanzania is exporting their honey to an expansive global network of countries, but they are just getting warmed up. Now they hope to woo China as a customer. Tanzania is educating people in order to maintain the country’s reputation for high quality honey. Agency Beekeeping Officer Frida Kundy said the training has helped about 225 people so far, of which 95% engage in natural beekeeping while 5% practice modern beekeeping.  

That's all from us this week! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the bounty of flowers and bees that surround us now.