Today we honor all mothers of all species, everywhere...  

Including those that before us and those that will come after us... our mothers, step-mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, sisters, aunts, and daughters.

Mothers are not always female… who were the compassionate people that were there for you?

Those with negative mother memories can be thankful for the gift of life that birthed them into the world... 

We celebrate all those who give from the heart selflessly to nurture others, without a personal agenda, including healthcare practitioners, caretakers, teachers, and so many more…

We honor the real Queen Bees around the world… a honeybee queen lays 2,000 eggs every day to ensure the survival of her colony… a lone bumblebee queen must restart her tribe every spring as the sole survivor of the previous cycle… without these brave queens, all would be lost.

Let’s honor and love our Earth Mother today, our beautiful blue and green planet… she richly shares her creative energies with us. She gives us life and allows us to exist here on her skin… where would we be without her? We plant our seeds in her soil, we breathe her air, drink her water, heal ourselves with the herbs she provides; her bees pollinate our flowers, her flowers and trees feed our bees, and her atmosphere shields us from the direct blaze of the sun, her filters protect us so we are warmed, our crops grow and our lives are bright…

The following video was viewed nearly 2 million times in a six-month period. If you don’t have nearly 12 minutes to spare, start watching at minute 6 and you will see the love these worker bees have for their queen bee mother.

11:52-minute video by White House on the Hill is a remarkable story of how bees perform a miracle to save their queen.



We encourage you to share your heart today with someone special, even if it is a surprise phone call to an old teacher or a friend from twenty years ago that was there for you then, but you grew apart.

What can you do for Mother Earth today? Bees are our passion, but if your passion lies elsewhere, walk on the beach, plant a tree, swim, watch a sunrise or sunset in awe. Connect with her. Let her sense your gratitude and love.

That's what queen bees, Mother Earth and mothers have in common: selfless service to others. Making sacrifices to nurture others.

One of the greatest things we can do for our planet is to educate ourselves and the next generation about her importance to our survival, and the beauty of all that she is. Let's never again take her for granted.

A good place to start is to learn about the incredible bees that are her personal team of pollinators. Check out our blog posts and free e-book and you will already know quite a bit about bees.

A tribute to the Divine Feminine energies with this 3:56-minute video by GalaxyDreaming:



Bee Mission wishes everyone who resonates with carrying mothering energy a Happy Mother’s Day.