Prep Time: 5 minutes


1 wide bowl



6 ounces yogurt of your choice, preferably plain or with honey

2 ounces prepared granola*, preferably organic and non-GMO

3 strawberries, organic, fresh or frozen, quartered

1-ounce blueberries, organic, fresh or frozen

½ ounce of pumpkin seeds (optional)

Honey, any kind, as desired!



You can add more or less of any ingredient according to your tastes.

Use a spoon to spread the yogurt across the bottom of the bowl.

If you add pumpkin seeds to the granola, stir them together in a separate small bowl and then top the yogurt with the mixture, spreading it evenly over the yogurt.

Place quartered strawberries in the middle and add blueberries, arranging them in a scattered pattern around the bowl on top of the granola.

Top this mixture with as much drizzled honey as you like. If your bowl has a wide rim like the one in our photo, you can drizzle in a random pattern of squiggles and swirls to give your bowl an exotic look.

You can also make this recipe in layers in a large mug style glass.

It can be prepared and refrigerated the night before for a quick, nutritious and delightful ready-to-eat breakfast.

Bon appetit!


*Use any granola, plain or blended with cranberries, almonds or anything else. BEE creative!

We list the purest version of ingredients, organic and non-GMO, but that is not required.

Don’t forget to thank the bees for your strawberries, blueberries and honey!