Asian giant hornets have been terrorizing honeybees in many parts of the world for years, but the US and Canada were not subjected to these invaders until recently.

For several years, honeybee hives in the US and Canadian northwest have been ravaged by the invasive and vicious Asian giant hornets that managed to enter the country in the past few years.

Washington state and British Columbia have suffered great losses every spring and summer when these huge insects start slaughtering bees en masse.

American and Chinese researchers have devised a ‘sex trap’ that may be able to wipe out these deadly insects for good.

If you are interested to know more, read their report that was published in the journal Current Biology.

They say that by putting the key ingredient of the Asian giant hornet’s sex pheromones into traps, they can lure the males away from seeking out the queens and thus prevent them from mating.

This 2:46-minute video by NewsRme addresses this new development:



Test traps have proven to have successful results, with only males attracted to them.

James Nieh, a biologist and co-author of the study, said that they were able to quickly collect thousands of males that were attracted to the odor in just two field seasons.

The way the Asian giant hornet slays tens of thousands of honeybees by decapitating them in just hours is one of the most brutal fates that can await a honeybee colony.

This is some of the most incredibly positive news for the future of honeybees that we have heard in a very long time!