Happy Friday! And thank you, dear reader, for sharing that you enjoy our light Friday content with short videos about bees.

The 2 short but very sweet videos you’ll find below are entertaining, and you'll be amazed by some of the things you learn about the honeybee, just when you thought you knew almost everything there is to know about them.

10 Sweet Facts About Honey Bees is only 2:47 minutes long

Even if you know most of these facts about honey bees there are a few that will surely surprise you. Hint: stay tuned for our upcoming blog post about the amazing substance called bee venom.

It warmed my heart to learn that honeybees can recognize a human face. This makes the bond with them even stronger.



How Do Honeybees Get Their Jobs? 3:22 minutes long video

In the hive, everybody has their designated jobs to do. The one with the least work to do is the drone, but it's hard to tell if the Queen or the Worker Bee has more to do... watch this informative short video and draw your own conclusions. 

Queen Bee designates the sex of her children and lays about 2000 eggs daily.

Drone mates with Queens from other hives to keep the species and hive alive.

Worker Bee – Cleans the cell she was born in, becomes a nurse bee tending the young, morphs into a handyman bee as she repairs the hive and does odd jobs, and finally, in the evening of her life, develops into a forager before she drops dead. 




If you get out in nature this weekend for a walk in the park, maybe you'll spot some solitary bees pollinating wild flowers.

If you're gardening, buy some organic nectar-producing flowering potted plants or herbs for your autumn garden, or refrain from using bee-harmful pesticides on your crops or flowers.

This may bee a good weekend to buy a bee condo at a hardware store, so some solitary bees can overwinter in your garden.

There are countless ways to do a little something for the bees.

No matter where you are, and what your plans are, please enjoy your weekend and bee safe!  :)