Seven-Foot Tall Beehive Behind Bathroom Tiles in Florida

by Katy - Bee Missionary December 14, 2021

Seven-Foot Tall Beehive Behind Bathroom Tiles in Florida

Elisha Bixler is a self-proclaimed 'lover of bees.'

When she was called to a couple’s home in St. Petersburg to check for bees, she got the surprise of her life.

As she started to chip away at the tiles in their shower stall, a massive honeycomb was exposed behind the tiles. The seven-foot tall beehive was behind the tiles in the Florida home. Neighbors had complained that they were tired of hearing the bees buzzing, and some bees had escaped and flown around inside the home.

This short video by Elisha Bixler shows this unique encounter in Florida. She uploaded it to her TikTok account and received nearly 730,000 views on it already:




Would you eat the honey? #beetok

♬ Fall Sounds - Lofee



The hive was full of honey. Bixler is a bee removal specialist and runs the business, How’s Your Day Honey.

She posted on her TikTok channel that she planned to take the bees home to one of her apiaries.  


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