If you love baking, this is a really novel idea, and you will BEE so proud of your creativity!

This 5:43-minute video shows you HOW to create this cake that will wow your guests! However, please note that there is no recipe included. It is pretty easy to mimic, though, just use your imagination and follow the basic steps.

Vanilla and chocolate cakes, Swiss meringue buttercream, yellow candy melts (or white chocolate chips), yellow and orange food coloring, yellow and black fondant for bees as well as some almond slices. As for portions, you are on your own.

The cake creator is andistanislous. Her time lapse video was taken to show the steps needed to create this spectacular bee themed cake that she made for her mom's birthday. Her mom must have felt so honored when she received this cake!

Chocolate and vanilla cake layers are covered with Swiss meringue buttercream. The “honeycomb icing” is made by using yellow-orange chocolate and bubble wrap – you read that right! The sweet little bees are made of fondant.

A turntable is really useful for this cake, as you constantly turn it to evenly spread the frosting.

The cake layers are:

Two 8-inch round vanilla cakes with yellow and orange coloring

Two 8-inch round chocolate cakes

Layer them, starting with chocolate cake, Swiss meringue buttercream, vanilla cake, Swiss meringue buttercream, chocolate cake, Swiss meringue buttercream, vanilla cake. Spread the Swiss meringue buttercream between layers of cake.

Add buttercream around the sides of the cake, turn the turntable constantly to get an even coating, filling in all gaps.

Use a stainless-steel flat-edged tool to smooth the surface, as shown in the video.

Arrange icing on the top and place some broken pieces of chocolate on one side if you wish.

To make the honeycomb effect, use a piece of bubble wrap that you have washed thoroughly. It should be a little longer than the circumference of the cake and should be taller than the height of the cake.

Heat the yellow candy melts (or white chocolate chips) and add a drop or two of orange coloring to match the honey color. Pour it over the bubble wrap and spread it out. Let it sit until it has set and is no longer sticky. Then carefully wrap it around the cake and let it harden.

Slowly pull the bubble wrap away from the cake and shape the top edges as you like. Save big pieces for decorating the top.

To make your fondant bees, use yellow fondant for the bee bodies, and slice thin strips of black fondant. Flatten and stick them on the yellow fondant to make bee stripes and use two small black fondant balls for the bee eyes. Two slivers of sliced almonds make for perfect bee wings.

Sprinkle some bees around on the icing and others on the melted chocolate honeycomb walls.

Congratulations! You have created a magical cake that will earn you smiles and compliments. What a fitting tribute to the bees as well as the lucky person you made it for, so enjoy the party and BEE happy!