It's Friday, time for some light-hearted BEE LOVE videos here at Bee Mission.

This first one is called Saving Jerry and shows how a bumblebee was brought back from the fringe of death by a clever BEE LOVER. It is 5:05-minutes long, it's sweet and you'll love the music:

Since one video is never enough, here's another one, only 1:20-minutes long, of a sweet little bee with a busy bee tongue:

And for those of you willing to watch a slightly longer but very useful video about how to feed your bees in the winter time, check out this 16:25-minutes long video filmed in the US state of Illinois:

This one is particularly useful in parts of the world that experience heavy winters, as it is so important to nourish our honeybees when they can't get out to forage on their own.

Happy Weekend to you from Bee Mission!