It's Friday in North America!

For those of you around the world unfamiliar with TGIF, it translates as Thank Goodness It's Friday. Workers everywhere shut down their computers, close their office doors, and look forward to the liberation of a weekend of adventure or rest. 

So while we take it easy this weekend, an Indian summer keeps many of us warmer than we wish to be in October in the Northern Hemisphere. Enjoy the late sunny evenings. Perhaps you've created a bee sanctuary in your garden, and can chill out on your veranda with a cool refreshment, taking in the sights, sounds and scents of your flower-filled oasis.

Here's a short (4:52 minute long) video of glorious bees in a British garden in January that will make your heart sing.



Think about what sort of flowers you can plant for bees so they can enjoy plenty of nectar even during winter. Just a patch of richly colorful crocuses and some wild clover in your grass will be more than sufficient.

If each of us, everywhere, provides just a few flowering bushes that bloom throughout the year, pesticide-free of course, we can rewrite the future for bees and for ourselves to a happily ever after...

Happy Weekend!